Episode 27 - "Young Sasquatch"? Infrared Images on September 16, 2007
In mid-September 2007, deer hunter, R. Jacobs, was not thinking about Sasquatch/Bigfoot when he placed a deer mineral lick and deer-attracting scents where he set up his Bushnell game trail camera in northwestern Pennsylvania. All he wanted to know was how many deer – especially big bucks – were using the trail so he could plan his deer hunt. The location is three hours north of Pittsburgh in very remote forest. Mr. Jacobs’ camera automatically senses light and can take color photos in daytime - then switch to infrared at night – with or without flash. The camera was set to go off at motion in front of the lens. On September 16, 2007, between 8:04 PM and 8:32 PM, two young black bears were caught on an infrared image, followed by a hairy, primate-looking creature in two different postures that the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization (BFRO) is calling a "juvenile Sasquatch."
Wednesday, October 31, 2007
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